Software engineer (React JS)

department icon Front-end Developer
job type icon Full-time
work location Hue

ID department: DEV-RA-01

Work location: Branch Hue

Salary: Offer

Job Description

IOT team is a startup that contributes to building a better future and be mindful of the impact technology has on us and our surroundings. We are developing a smart building & workplace solution product which:
- Directly participate in the design, programming, software upgrade, use Javascrip programming language, Reactjs
- Administration, upgrade and correction of programmed software
- Analysis requirements, specification of professional requirements, calculate implementation effortsv
- Conducting code review, source optimization, bug fixes for participants
- Judgment
- Participate in database design, IT system model in the company
- Directly design the overall model, logical model, database design, design critical modules of IT systems
- Research new technology trends in the world, propose to apply Company; assess the current situation, advise the Board of Directors on suitable IT applications for the market trend and business plan of the Company
- Supporting the units operating and exploiting IT systems when having problems, difficult issues
- Building a system of documents, processes, organizing training, improving the qualifications of the system

Job Requirements

Must have:
- Proficient in React stack (ReactJS, Redux, State Management, Functional Programming, Immutability)
- Proficient in React stack (ReactJS, Redux, State Management, Functional Programming, Immutability)
- Advance understanding of native Javascript ES5 & ES6+
- Expert knowledge with HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS
- Expert with developing responsive layouts leveraging CSS and media queries
- Design and implement robust client-side solutions with RESTful API
- Strong competency in responsive, mobile-first layouts leveraging CSS and media queries
- Experience in rollup, web pack, Babel, CommonJS, …
- Solid knowledge of modern web development technologies & framework based on JavaScript, HTML, CSS
- Knowledge about real time with WebSocket
Nice to have:
- Understand about HTTP2, SSE (Server-Sent Events) is a great plus
- Knowledge of Backend programming languages such as Go/Java is a great plus
- Familiarity with Linux & MacOS development environment
- Experience with high-traffic distributed systems and client-server architectures