department icon Back-end Developer
job type icon Full-time
work location Da Nang

ID department: Middle/Senior

Work location: Branch Da Nang

Salary: Offer

Job Description

- Design, develop and setup automated CI/CD pipelines for dev, test and production environment
- Design and develop automated tasks for app and infrastructure deployment
- Ensure security best practices are applied to every environment to protect the company’s resources and application services
- Integrate and set up system logging with tools such as Elasticsearch, Kibana and FluentD or the equivalent stack
- Integrate and set end to end monitoring, alerting and incident tracking features with well known tools such as Prometheus, Grafana and Pager Duty

Job Requirements

Must have:
- At least 5 years of IT industry experience
- Experience with setting up and maintaining Big Data technologies like Hadoop Ecosystem, Flink, Spark Streaming, Redis, Pulsar, Kafka or the equivalent stacks
- Experience with data security best practices such as data encryption, masking and fine grained data access control
- Comfort working in a fast-moving environment with an Agile development methodology
- Strong expertise in creating and maintaining reliable, scalable cloud-based platforms with Kubernetes, Helm, Docker and Linux
- Strong understanding of OAuth 2.0 protocol for authorization and integrating it with popular Identity Providers
- Experience in setting up and integrating secure gateways to backend API services with API management systems like Azure APIM or Kong Gateway
- Attention to detail and a passion for automation and efficiency
- Excellent communication skills
Nice to have:
- Knowledge of the digital asset market or traditional markets (Equities, FX and Fixed Income)
- Experience with second-generation data engineering packages like Flink and Flyte
- Azure cloud deployment experience